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Recently, we noticed people are making a commitment to use more natural products than ever before. Your personal choice of skin care products such as Mary Kay is a major concern of ours. We started our soap business to introduce the old time traditions from past generations into modern society utilizing advanced technology to enhance skin conditioning.

Commercial soaps can dry out your skin, and the use of perfume can cause allergic reactions in so many people today.  Most commercial cleaning products are loaded with harsh detergents, made from unnatural and sometimes carcinogenic ingredients.

Our soaps are homemade with all natural vegetable oils, herbs, and other natural additives.   Our recipes are carefully formulated to maximize the benefits of both cleaning performance and moisturizing qualities using natural oils which are good for your skin.

Currently we are researching a new soap formula primarily for people who enjoy the great outdoors. This group of people are searching for a natural insect repellant to avoid the use of nasty chemicals like OFF™ insect repellant and other products on the market; the toxins in these products is slowly poisoning our families. We think our lard soap may help reduce the spread of the deadly West Nile Virus by repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Our soap company is a home based business, we do not mass produce our soaps like some of the other companies out there. Homemade natural soap will make a great christmas gift for just about anybody, and we have received praise from our customers raving about how good the soap makes them feel, and wow it smells invigorating too! We encourage you to shop around to compare our soap to the others on the market, you will find we have outstanding soaps at a reasonable price here in our online shop. 

We have excellent soaps when used daily will soften your skin, relax your mind by removing the stress from our hectic lives. We now make Grandmas old fashioned lye soap from lard like in the old days. Ask us about our old fashioned lye soap grandma used to cure everything.

 Family Size Bars
Natural handmade herbal Soap
A delightful blend of Vanilla
and the skin softening of oatmeal
combined in one great Soap

Neem Oil Shampoo Bar
Neem Oil Shampoo
A solid shampoo made with Neem Oil
An alternative to medicated shampoo

Pet Shampoo Bar
Pet Soap
A fantastic pet soap!
Lavender & Tea Tree

Pure Lye Soap
Lye Soap
Grandmas Lye Soap
Used for hundreds of years
Made for sensitive people

Visit our eBay Store or browse our site for our many other affordable soap products. We recently joined the Etsy community because our products are handmade, Etsy is a great place to find unique handmade gifts.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
If you have any healthcare concerns, always check with a qualified physican to obtain medical advice.


Try our Mechanic soap!!

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