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Grandmas Lye Soap - An Old Time Remedy

In the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, it is an old time tradition to make soap from lard an animal fat. Back in the days of the great depression, local farms would make lye soap and barter their soap at the general store in exchange for other needed supplies. In recent years, people have made a transition toward the old fashioned traditions and forgotten products.

Lye soap is unscented without any chemical additives, this is important to people who have an allergy to the detergent soap sold in stores. Most of the soap purchased in stores is actually a chemical detergent that may cause an allergy to many people, in addition to the perfumes added to their soap. We make grandmas lye soap with sensitive people in mind, unscented for hypersensitive people; if you think you are allergic, we suggest you try our soap to determine if you may have a reaction. If you experience a reaction of some type, we suggest you do not use this soap.

Elderly residents have reported that Grandmas lye soap is an old fashioned cure for all that ails you. A Treatment for some of the reported conditions is poison ivy, poison oak, bug bites, athlete’s foot, and body lice. These cures are unconfirmed, and we make no claims validating if this soap is an effective treatment or cure, only that unscented soap is made from old fashioned traditions.

Folks say Grandmas way was best; here is how they used Lye Soap for everyday problems:
  1. Customers comments have revealed that regular bathing with old fashioned lye soap helps with symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and common dry itchy skin.
  2. for acne, most people wash their face three times a day with lye soap and bathe daily with it. Basic Lye Soap may work because it is a pure mild soap with no chemicals, detergents or preservatives to cause skin reactions. Most of all, it is made locally here in the USA!
  3. For poison ivy and oak rash, most people say to wash as soon after exposure as possible. Wash and rinse the irritated portion at least three times per day. After rinsing, place soap lather on on the rash and leave it on until the next washing. Soap handmade out of lard works better than the creams given by your doctor to relieve this poison ivy rash and also helps to wash the poison ivy out of your clothes.
  4. Sunburn is usually relieved within minutes by placing a generous amount of lather on the sunburn. Leave the lather on overnight. Folks say that it seems to pull the heat out better than other commercial products.
  5. Our customers have said that mosquito and chigger bites are helped in the same way as the sunburn treatment.
  6. It also appears that insects do not like the taste of lye soap no matter where it is. Some folks have placed some around the base of a tree to prevent an insect invasion.
  7. In addition, mosquitoes seem to be kept at bay by placing a little lather on bare skin.
  8. It is a well known fact that old fashioned lye soap the kind that grandma used to make, is also great for clothing stains. We also make shredded lye soap intended for fresh and clean Laundry, it also comes with instructions.
  9. For years, many people have used a small piece of lye soap on their hook to catch catfish.
  10. Folks say that lye soap is excellent for eliminating swear words from mouths of ornery kids.
  11. Some doctors say that you can prevent leg cramps by placing a bar of soap in the bed, under the bottom sheet in the area where your legs are. *This information is not confirmed, nor does it replace medical advise. Always check with your treating physician regarding any medical condition.
  12. Some folks say that a bar of lye soap placed under the sink helps to keep ants away.
Note: These are not medical claims, only statements collected from users of Grandmas Lye Soap. Always consult with your doctor about any skin conditions.

Our grandmas lye soap was altered slightly to improve the cleaning effectiveness without the use of borax. Grandmas original recipe contained an excessive amount of lye, which will remain in the soap; this is harmful to the consumer, and potentially dangerous to children. We also added a blend of ten percent vegetable oil to the lard intended to aid in the removal of dirt and grime, while maintaining an identical soap.

We super fat our soap two percent, making a mild and gentle soap. Safe products are our ultimate goal in addition to the most effective soap possible. This unscented lye soap may be used for daily cleaning of virtually everything from your body to scrubbing cloths and floors. We also make our own 'Laundry Bar' soap with grandmas lye soap that removes some of the toughest stains around, one of these bars of lye soap will scrub stains in several loads of laundry.

Grandmas lye soap is hand cut and trimmed to remove sharp edges, most bars of soap weigh 4.2 to 4.5 ounces. Since the soap is homemade and hand cut, there may be some variation in the finished size and color. Due to the variation of the animal fat used, there may be some variation in the soap texture, this is beyond our control and perfectly safe to use.

Borax can be added to our lye soap by special request, special orders of our Grandmas Lye Soap will require a purchase of at least two pounds. Grandmas lye soap can also be ordered in a 100% formula for a more effective poison ivy treatment; this is lard, lye and water without any additives (our formula) to clean better.

Instructions on how to make laundry soap can be included with your purchase upon request. This is easy to make and use, and you will love the way your clothes feel from our unscented handmade lye soap. We also have other unscented soap with similar benefits Laundry Soap and homemade Outdoor Sport Soap made to repel insects. Unscented oatmeal soap is another great choice if you have a soap allergy or dislike fragrance.

Grandmas Lye SoapLye Soap

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Grandmas Lye Soap

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